David H. Conroy for Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge

Philly’s Court, Philly’s Judge

PhiladelphiaDavid H. Conroy is running as a Democrat for judge on the Philadelphia Municipal Court. Dave is “recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar Association, being recognized by his peers as being fair, qualified, and having the integrity needed to be elected as judge.

Dave has devoted his career to being an advocate for those who are marginalized in the system. Dave for is running for judge to ensure that all Philadelphians have are treated with fairness and respect in our courts.  He is endorsed by Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, Liberty City Democratic Club,  Philadelphia AFL-CIO Council, the Building Trades and numerous local Unions.  See the full list of endorsements.

On The Issues

Each person in front of the court needs to be treated with patience, respect and dignity as an individual. It is important that judges ensure equity and fairness in all proceedings.

Scales of JusticeIn criminal court, justice should be rehabilitative whenever possible. Non-violent offenders should have opportunities for diversionary programs and probationary periods should be limited.

Long probationary tails create a system where people are set up for failure. As judge, Dave will work towards a more effective partnership with the court system and probation departments to facilitate rehabilitative measures and reentry programs to reduce recidivism rates.

Dave supports the expansion of Veterans’ Court to provide assistance to those who have served our Country.